Light Tree Rental Setup
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Normís Music Light Tree Rental Setup Instructions

Controller: ADJ Operator II w/ 2 DP415 Switch Packs

Plug light #1 into Switch Pack Outlet 1
Plug light #2 into Switch Pack Outlet 2
Plug light #3 into Switch Pack Outlet 3
Plug light #4 into Switch Pack Outlet 4

Do the same for the other light tree.

Plug DMX Out of controller into 1 switch pack. Take the DMX Out of that Switch Pack and plug it into the other Switch Pack. (Make sure the Polarity Switch is facing away from the DMX Connectors on back of Controller).

Make sure the DIP Switches on both Switch Packs are set the same. Switch 1 and 10 On. All other DIP Switches set to Off.

Turn on the power to the Controller and the Switch Packs.

Press the Scanner 1 Button. Make sure the Page button is set to A, Not B.

Press the Blackout Switch to make sure it is off.

If connected correctly:
Fader 1 should control the 1st light on both trees
Fader 2 should control the 2nd light on both trees
Fader 3 should control the 3rd light on both trees
Fader 4 should control the 4th light on both trees

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